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News  Kremlin Rexson Xcite™ Airmix® Manual gun
        New sensations........  for new perfomances

Benefiting from KREMLIN REXSON know-how and field experience since 1925, the new Xcite™ gun brings outstanding operator comfort. Its ultra-light trigger, design, ergonomy and swivel fitting reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and prevent any RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The new Xcite™ gun uses the highest quality components for a long lasting reliable performance.

The latest Xcite™ generation aircap brings unsurpassed finish quality.The sprayer has the ability to significantly vary the pattern without changing the tip while using minimum atomization air and pressure. This offers significant advantages for recessed or hard to reach areas while maintaining a perfect finish. 

Advantages of Xcite™ Airmix®:

  • Increased productivity
  • Delivers extremely fast payback against old technologies
  • Up to 50% savings in spray booth maintenance
  • Cleaner environment
  • Operator protection
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Reduces wastes and eliminates unnecessary finishing steps
  • Easy to operate and adjust

Creator of AIRMIX® technology 35 years ago, KREMLIN REXSON has been developing this technology and combines quality of spraying and productivity, altogether with a very high transfer efficiency, to achieve a minimal overspray.  The additional air is injected before the locus of atomization, it results in a very stable fan and a perfectly even build on all sorts of parts to be sprayed.  

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We are very excited to profile the Xcite™ Airmix® Manual gun.

Customers are seeing the benefits of the ultra light weight, feel and balance of the gun as well as improvements in spray pattern. New sensations... for new performances.

The Xcite™ gun also offers many environmental benefits. Customers see cleaner booth environments resulting in reduced clean-up costs, lower solvent emissions for a cleaner outside environment as well as the lowest energy consumption of any production gun.



1. New AIRMIX® aircap for superior
     finish quality
2. Precise large fan width adjustment
3. Ergonomic design for comfort fit
     and feel
4. Swivel fitting for improved
5. Stainless steel fluid passage
6. Ultralight and comfortable trigger
7. Choice of Fine Finish or
     Xtra™ Fine Finish series tips





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