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Sames, Automatic Powder Installation


Customer benefits

  • The EasyCompact dimensions are reduced to the absolute minimum. The ventilation system is connected via a duct with lateral, overhead outlet to save floor space and few bends to limit powder retention. The powder station is ventilated by the main filter unit. The powder feed centre is highly compact with no filter cartridges.
  • There is uniform ventilation flow throughout the booth. The bottom of the automatic zone is specially shaped to guarantee high-performance application and reduced powder retention. A floor slot in the manual zones makes for more effective powder removal.
  • Productivity is seen in colour changing time and the smooth plastic walls almost completely overcome the problem of powder adhesion. The automatic zone is closed off by deflectors, meaning that the rest of the booth remains powder-free during application. The operator cleans the entire booth from the outside using an ultra-light blow gun designed for effortless cleaning. The reciprocators move back simultaneously during the automatic cleaning phase.
  • The system design has given priority to the operator's health and comfort. The flat floor makes it easy for the operator to move freely near the parts being painted. The new light, elongated nozzle simplifies touch-up work. The wide openings make for easier access to the manual stations. If the operator forgets to open the exit doors, they open automatically when the parts come through to avoid any risk of damage. 



The powder-coating booth with fast colour change system.

Productivity, Economy, Compact and Ergonomic are the key words that sum up requirements in the surface treatment business today. To meet these criteria and satisfy the most demanding customers, Sames has developed EasyCompact, the automatic powder-coating system built around a new booth for even faster colour change.

EasyCompact leaflet

Easycompact Booth data sheet 1

Easycompact Cyclone data sheet 2

Easycompact Filtration Goups data sheet 3

Easycompact Powder Feed Centres data sheet 4

Easycompact Detection and Sprayer Blowing data sheet 5

Easycompact Reciprocator data sheet 6

Easycompact Atex data sheet 7

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