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Sames Peripherals AS 100,  REV 600,  RFV 2000,  AP 1000


AS 100 Fluidimeter

The AS 100 fluidimeter has been designed to determine the spray properties of powder paints.

In the electrostatic powder coating process, the powder paint is carried then sprayed on the item by suspension in air. However, paints in powder form react very differently to this suspension in air according to their grain size, degree of humidity, formula, etc.

The fluidimeter determines this behaviour and indicates immediately whether a powder paint is suitable for spraying purposes. It is a valuable aid in product quality control.

Technical Specification Data Sheet


REV 600

Management of controls in an automatic system.

The REV 600 is designed to control an automatic powder or liquid electrostatic system. It controls the operation of 1 or 2 RFV 2000 reciprocator(s), the triggering of the guns and the interface with the I/O's of the system.

The REV 600 interfaces with the system to manage :
• Parts detection.
• External faults detection.
• Correct operation of the booth (conveyor and ventilation).
• Delay-timers to spray spaced batches of parts, or parts needing to be coated by 2 recips, or for guns installed over a maximum of 3 different planes in space.

Customer benefits

  • Operator friendly : programming is simple and instructive (displays all functions commands with easy to read icons)
  • Extremely reliable : managed through a PLC
  • Easy to run : surfing through the menus is made even simpler by the ease of programming
  • Saves time : easy entering of the recip's top and low reversal points. Go from one of the spray programs to the other without interrupting the spraying.
  • Ergonomic : the touch-screen permits easy and instant entering of parameters.

Technical Specification Data Sheet


 RFV 2000 Electronically-controlled reciprocator

The RFV 2000 reciprocator comprises a vertical frame set into a horizontal base on wheels for ease of movement along the ground. Two optional rails can be added to improve guiding, for displacement perpendicular to the conveyor belt axis or for use over grating.

The frame constitutes a vertical rolling track along which the carriage holding the powder or paint spray guns and the balancing counter-weight moves. The carriage is driven by a transmission chain, an asynchronous electric motor and a reduction gear located on the base. A potentiometer is used to link the sweeping movement to the control devices.

All the controls are grouped in the REV 600 box which can be located remotely from the robot. A second version is available as an option with a second motorised axis (RFV "forward-back" positioning).

Customer benefits

  • Extremely simple construction and operation (very long service life).
  • Sweeping stroke and speed adjustable remotely over a very wide range.
  • Optimum safety : the reciprocator is CE, Ex and FM approved.
  • Reduced maintenance : limited to cleaning the chains and transmission devices.
  • Installation requiring no special provision (the robot can be positioned or displaced manually without effort).

Technical Specification Data Sheet


AP 1000

The AP 1000 resistivity meter is specially designed for quick and precise measurement of the resistivity of paints and varnishes, as they are sprayed with electrostatics. This process allows the use of current commercial paint. The thinner added before use gives these paints certain qualities making them easier to atomize and spray. Resistivity plays an important part.

Technical Specification Data Sheet

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