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Sames, E-Series Powder Paint Solution

 E-Series vibrating table version

E-Series fluidised hopper version

E-Series Electrostatic Powder Paint System

The E-Series gun is designed for spraying powder paint. It can come with either of two powder supply systems: fluidised hopper and vibrating table.
The gun has a built-in cascade which gets its low voltage signal from the GCU400 module, via a low voltage electrical connection that activates the high voltage when the trigger is pressed.
Powder is fed to the gun via a venturi powder pump, and a pickup (suction) tube. The powder is fluidised in the hopper or box before being sent to the spray gun by the venturi.
It should be noted that the pump holder is designed to receive two pumps side-by-side, thus allowing two guns to be simultaneously fed from one box.
Robust materials make the gun virtually shock resistant.

The Customers benefits are:

  • Comfortable to use with one of the best weight/balance ratios on the market (495 grams) which reduces operator fatigue
  • Air supply to deflectors and inside of nozzle prevents powder build-up.
  • Large choice of nozzles and extensions to cover all applications
  • Easy application of metallic powders ( with TEC2 setting and the special metallic powder nozzles. )
  • Increased productivity: can supply powder to two guns simultaneously.
  • Abrasion-resistant nozzles.
  • Sturdy components (gun, cart).
  • Optimum safety CE and ATEX approved .
  • Cable and powder hose quick-disconnect system allowing fast colour changes and easy cleaning

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