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ejet Powder Manual Coating Equipment.

Ergonomic and reliable e-Jet is a combination of the best of Mach-Jet & E-series technologies. It has been specially designed for companies looking to improve their powder coating application and the overall efficiency of the operator.


  • Accessible: The control module is integrated on the front of the cart and angled allowing perfect visibility.
  • Universal: The vibrating table accomodates any powder box available on the market.
  • Efficient: The extremity of the powder pump secures an homogeneous fluidisation in the powder box and makes transport easier and improves application.
  • User-friendly : Easily adjustable air controls.
  • Optimized: The box is titled to an angle, so the pick-up tube reaches the very bottom and sucks all the materials. Powder packing issues are prevented.
  • Improved handling: The reduced size with 4 casters helps with moving the equipment as required.

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