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Sames, Auto Mach-Jet Powder Paint Solution


The Auto-Mach-Jet can be used on parts of all shapes:

- Metallic furniture 
- Profiles
- Bikes and motorbikes
- Railway equipment
- Agricultural equipment 
- Fencing, railings
   and gates
- Glassware
- Automobile wheel rims
- Penetrant testing
- Wood and MDF

Auto Mach-Jet technical data 

Auto Mach-Jet product guide overview


Auto Mach-Jet

The Auto Mach-Jet applicator is suitable for general industrial applications. It is generally installed on a reciprocator (RFV2000) or stationary in a powder booth such as PVV EasyCompact quick colour change booth.

Customer Benefits

  • The applicator has a high transfer efficiency and the gun is easy to dismantle. There is a Q/D on powder connection (option). It has a high resistance to shocks. There are a large choice of nozzles and quick disconnect counter electrode.
  • The controller provides accurate and fine setting of high voltage (KV) and current (microAmps). Adapting easily to the site conditions (parts shape, target distance, powder flow), the Auto-Mach-jet + CRN 457 package allows you to improve on powder penetration into complex parts, wraparound when needed, touching up or re-coating parts. When pushed to high powder throughputs (>20kg/h), the applicator still delivers its charging of the powder.
  • While in manual mode, the controller can store up to 9 spray tables, without the need for a PLC. A time and maney saver in production.
  • The settings are for round spray, flat spray, re-coating, metallics, counter electrode and an option for a swivel nozzle. The nozzles are compact, robust and lightweight and do not build up powder.
  • The applicator meets the requirements of  EN 50050: 2001, CE, ATEX and FM.
  • The CRN 457 controller handles the air supply to the powder pump (from 5.5 to 8 bar). This results in a very regular level of quality as powder thickness is perfectly controlled. The digital management of the powder flows make adjustments simpler, ensuring predictable results.

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