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The M22 HPA GSP gun is recommended for latest generation high viscosity materials, water based included, thanks to a pressure cup and offers high quality finish and unsurpassed operator comfort.

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Features Benefits
New ergonomics and body design reduce trigger effort The gun allows the operator to focus on the application of the spraying movement for an improved quality
Pressure cup equipped with a safety valve adjusted at 0.5 bar Full security during application : cup pressure will never exceed 0.5 bar
Specific design : the cup is only under pressure during application Full operator safety
Stainless steel wetted parts Compatible with new materials (water-based products etc)
Unique aircap design Unsurpassed finish quality with perfectly balanced fan
Fine thread stuffing box Fine control of the needle tightening torque for improved sealing
E-Z adjust aircap Allows adjustment without loosening retaining ring
Reduced number of components Easy maintenance
Sprayed materials Varnishes, lacquers, stains, polyurethanes, two component materials
Body of the gun Forged aluminium
Max. air feeding pressure (bar) 6
Recommended trigger air (bar) 2.0 - 4.0
Air consumption (m3/h) 26.5
Weight (with cup) (g) 710
Transfer efficiency in % (EN 13966-1) 50
Maximum fluid temperature (C) 50
Nozzle Inox
Needle Stainless Steel
Wetted parts Stainless steel
Maximum cup air pressure (bar) 0.5
Air inlet M 1/4
Fluid inlet (gravity cup - under pressure)
Config - The M22 HPA GSP GravityGun
136.138.104 136.138.105 136.138.106
494.80 499.80 494.80
Max fluid viscosity Max 3000 cps Max 3000 cps Max 3000 cps
Projector type 15 EN 5 18 EN 5 22 EN 5
Tip size (mm) 1.5 1.8 2.2
Cup PeHD (grey) PeHD (grey) PeHD (grey)
Air consumption (m3/h) 26.5 26.5 26.5
Fan width at 20cm 21.5 27.5 27.5
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