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News  Kremlin Rexson launch THOR Pumps Range
          A new extrusion pump range for high viscosity products

Release your power!
The new THOR extrusion pump
range focuses Kremlin Rexson
know-how. Experts in Finishing
and Dispensing Solutions.

THOR range offers simplicity and reduces operation costs by minimizing product wastage giving the customer benefits of a fast payback while protecting the environment.

The innovative design and quality of engineering bring reliability and performance reducing the cost of ownership to a minimum.

THOR units are the very first extrusion units featuring the new Kremlin Rexson design and color, increasing dynamism and visibility in the factory.


THOR pump data sheet

Thor brochure

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THOR extrusion units – manual single component unheated applications - are specially designed for pumping viscous materials in many markets such as building and earthmoving equipment, solar energy, pleasure boats...

The unique design and power enables to process a wide range of  materials including  greases, adhesive and sealants with a viscosity up to 1 million centipoises.

THOR modular range offers a solution meeting most applications: they are available on single, mini twin or double post rams. A large choice of accessories (carts,… ) are available to meet customer needs.






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