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PU 2160

The Flowmax® technology, a Kremlin patented SuperLife™ bellow design, ensures a perfect mixing accuracy thanks to the total sealing without packings.

Fixed ratio : the economical and easy solution while benefitting from the Airmix® spraying.

Tested, complete and ready for use.

Available in 4 mixing ratio versions : 1/1, 2/1, 5/1 or 10/1.

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PU3000 picture


PU 3000

Innovative, economical and patented solution, combines electronic control and mechanical metering, ready to use.

The user-friendly control box allows the operator to intuitively learn how to operate the machine.

PATENTED : The innovative pump change-over - FREE PULSE ELECTRONIC technology (FPE) - features a perfectly constant output and a +/- 1 % metering accuracy for an outstanding finish and operator peace of mind.

Electronic dosing constantly monitors the actual material consumption of products and calculates the VOC.

The machine can be installed in an ATEX 1 or 2 zone to be in close proximity to the operator.

PU 3000 is available in HTi / HPA / HTV, AIRMIX® and AIRLESS versions to meet most markets requirements.

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User-friendly precise and control mixing of 2 components materials.

With CYCLOMIX™ Micro, the mixing process is mastered and guaranteed. All technical fluid and application characteristics are fully configurable. Once programmed, CYCLOMIX™ Micro will automatically handle all parameters.

The programming is user-friendly and quick, with data in-putting by magnetic signal. Flushing and maintenance are very simple. In addition, the system can be controlled from inside the booth.

CYCLOMIX™ Micro+ allows the flushing of the catalyst fluid passages especially for water-based materials.

For acid catalyst there are specific references for a CYCLOMIX™ Micro+ PH.

Safe zone installation where applicable (Directive ATEX).

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CYCLOMIX™ electronic dosing to handle several colors : CYCLOMIX™ Multi can handle up to 7 different bases and 3 catalysts.
Modular design CYCLOMIX™ Multi can be positionned in zone 1 or 2 (Directive ATEX).
Programming and use are user-friendly by means of a large touch screen.

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CYCLOMIX™ Expert can manage a total up to 24 components (bases, catalysts, flushing solvents). It can handle mono, bi or tri-component materials

The innovative dosing process - ultra fast injection valve - offers uneaqualled mixing quality and dosing accuracy. The machine can handle 2 working stations at the same time . The machine programming is via a colour screen with ratio/tolerance data assist management . In 15 languages, it has been designed to allow easy parameters modifications. Use the electronic technology for total monitoring and follow-up of real material consumptions and VOC with records to ensure tracability.

CYCLOMIX™ Expert can be fitted with different flowmeters technologies for difficult paints or water-based materials. Use Flowmax® technology - developed by KREMLIN REXSON - bellows instead of traditional packings brings total reliability for moisture-sensitive isocyanates catalysts.

CYCLOMIX™ Expert is available in Airspray (HTI/HPA/HTV), AIRMIX® and AIRLESS versions (up to 200 bars) to meet all market needs, in manual or automatic spraying.

The fluid manifold can be set-up in the spraying area in order to reduce the paint hoses length.

Options are available to upgrade the machine depending on customer configuration.

With accessible directly from the working station (spray booth), it allows the operator to manage production, color changes, flushing.

Automatic Flush box located in the spraying area closed to the painter, it enables the painter to be hands free while system is flushing.

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