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News  Kremlin Rexson achieves 30% paint savings

 “Since installing the system in March this year we have seen a noticeable improvement in our finish quality and in addition have achieved a 30% savings on our material usage. The new pump system has also completely eliminated the fan pulsing we have experienced with some of our coating materials” says Nicholas Crane.

40.25WB Technical Features Include:

  • All stainless steel construction, with wearing parts hard chromium treated.
  • Stainless steel strainer to avoid collapse when using high viscosity materials
  • Simple design for easy maintenance.
  • Fluid section with a larger diameter passage suction valve (+260%).
  • Pulse-Absorber between the fluid section and the filter for a smooth flow of water-based materials.
  • 3/4’’ stainless steel filter (3/8’’ on standard version).
  • Suction rod with an internal diameter of 30mm with a stainless steel strainer.
  • Also available in the 40.50WB.


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New 40.25WB Pump fitted with Xcite Airmix Spray Gun provided Crane Sheds and Summerhouses in Norfolk with noticeable improvement in finish quality and 30% savings on material usage.

Crane Sheds & Summerhouses have been manufacturing sheds in Norfolk for many years and are a market leader in producing high quality timber buildings of all types.
For the last 5 years Kremlin Airmix technology has been used to apply a range of coatings incorporating Translucent Coatings, Fully Opaque and Colour Coatings.
Initially Crane Sheds & Summerhouses used the Kremlin 40.25 Intensive Pump fitted with the MVX Airmix® Spray Gun but when they recently decided to expand their spraying facility the success of the Airmix® spray system meant that they again chose Kremlin equipment.

We recommended upgrading to the 40.25WB version of their existing pump fitted with the new Xcite Airmix® Spray Gun. The new WB versions of the Kremlin 40.25 & 40.50 are highly suited to today's increasing use of Water Based materials with increased internal port sizes and the addition of the Pulse Absorber. 

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