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News  Kremlin Rexson  launch the EOS pump
          A range evolution and accelerator of performance

We are pleased to announce that EOS pumps from Kremlin Rexson are now available. Please contact us

Based on a unique knowledge, Kremlin Rexson have created a hydraulic section with reliable movable lower packing.

The new air motor design allows for a smooth start-up under low air pressure and perfectly controlled fluid output, without any gun pulsation and with very low air consumption.

These pumps are ideally suited to both wood and metal finishing.

The EOS 15-C25 and 30-C25 are compact with even higher performance than the PUMP 10.14 and PUMP 20.15 that they replace. Improvements can be found in both the pump pressure ratio (PPR) and fluid delivery per cycle.

The latest generation paints are handled by the EOS pump stainless steel construction with ease.

The EOS pump range are available in wall-mounted versions with air control panel. A large choice of accessories (cart, tripod,product filter, suction rods) are available to suit all customer needs.

Eos pump data sheets

For more information please  contact us

The features and benefits of the EOS PUMP include:

  • Closed design with protective carter between air motor and fluid sections gives lubricant protection against external pollution and full operator safety
  • Stainless steel design is compatible with water-based materials
  • Double stroke fluid section gives steady output without any pulsation
  • Large suction valve is recommended for materials up to 5000 cps
  • Compact to fit in small working areas
  • New cart and tripod design gives perfect stability
  • New filter and gravity hooper has filtration optimized for recycled materials. Circulating for charged materials
  • New suction rods (016 and 25) are recommended for either frequent colour changes or high viscosity products up to 5000cps
  • A simple design and reduced number of spare parts allows for easy maintenance
  • A simple and accessible air motor/fluid section coupling without tie rod gives the possibility to rotate the fluid section output on the application
  • Fluid section with lower packing construction gives improved material refilling and emptying for constant output, improved sealing and easier maintenance.


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